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BelEtage portasigari

Humidor hardware

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Progettato in Germania. Disponibili diverse modelli con varie capacita'.

Nelle foto mod Sweet Free 18 senza barriera salvaroma.  Diametro max sigari 18 mm,  max 11 sigqari max diam 18 mm. Dimensioni mm  L 185, h max 100, larghezza 95 mm. Supporto superiore 62 mm o 125 mm per il modello con "barriera salvaroma"

Il kit portasigari viene assemblato in pochi minuti e puo' essere adattato alle proprie necessita'. I kit possono disporre di due supporti e la "barriera salvaroma"

Lunghezze disponibili : small 95, sweet 185, big 275 mm.
Altezza al centro 100 mm. Largezza corpo 95 mm

Seguono le serie disponibili. Un  modello per uno specifico diametro
Nature: 14 mm
Rajo 16 mm
Free 18 mm
Mahe 20mm
Imenso 22mm

lunghezza "binario": 190 mm
Serie Nature. Dim  rombo 14 mm.
Larghezze  disponibili  95, 185, 275 mm
Big Nature: 275 mm  
Small Nature: 185  mm
Sweet Nature: 95 mm  
con o  senza  protezione di aroma

mod RAJO
lunghezza "binario" 190 mm
diametro max sigari 16 mm
Larghezze  disponibili  95, 185, 275 mm
Big Rajo: 275 mm  
Small Rajo: 185  mm
Sweet Rajo: 95 mm  
con o  senza  protezione aroma

mod FREE
Lunghezza "binario":  190 mm
Diametro max sigari 18 mm
Larghezze  disponibili  95, 185, 275 mm
Big Free: 275 mm  
Small Free: 185  mm
Sweet Free: 95 mm  
con o  senza  protezione  aroma .
Le foto  sopra riportate sono del modello senza protezione

mod MAHE
Lunghezza "binario":  190 mm
Diametro max sigari 20 mm.
Larghezze  disponibili  95, 185, 275 mm
Big Mahe: 275 mm  
Small Mahe: 185  mm
Sweet Mahe: 95 mm  
con o  senza  protezione aroma

Lunghezza "binario":  190 mm
Diametro max sigari 22 mm
Larghezze  disponibili  95, 185, 275 mm
Big Mahe: 275 mm  
Small Mahe: 185  mm
Sweet Mahe: 95 mm  
con o  senza  protezione aroma

Sweet Rajo  185 con protezione aroma


A completely new class of climate for cigars - made in Germany
A system of BelEtage consists of two  BelEtages (the walls),
an upper handhold stick and two lower connecting sticks and an aroma protecting
shield. The system is offered as a plugging system. Because of the various lengths
of the upper handhold stick and the two lower connecting sticks you have the
possibility to adjust the system individually to the cigars to store and to the humidor.
Thus you can also combine several system variations and sizes in your humidor.
Outstanding is also the noble and practical choice of the material. The parts of the
system are of high class acrylic glass and are separately cut by laser like polished
and engraved. Fitting to the humidor they are produced in a noble optic and
complete its function perfectly.

Practical, variable and for an up-to-date cigar-comfort
The new system makes it possible to store the cigars so individually that the number
of contact points of the single cigars are reduced to a minimum. The cigars don’t
touch each other anymore. And thus there is also no contact heat between them and
the so called accumulated contact humidity dissolves in the humidity circulation. The
BelEtage systems support the distribution of humidity and its circulation
around each single cigar on every room level in the humidor. It perfects the optimal
storage conditions for the best possible unfolding of aroma of every single cigar.

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